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  • Pay your Bills

    Pay bills at local retail places like restaurants, kirana stores, chemists near you

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Choose to pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking or e-Wallet (Citrus)

  • Cashback

    Get cashback on your payments. Money comes back directly to your bank account.

  • Split your Bills

    Split bills among friends and track the expenses

  • Settle with Friends

    Pay your friends later without asking for bank details. Only mobile number is required.

  • Groups

    Create groups to track the regular expenses among colleagues, friends & family

Why everyone loves ScrewCash

Users gave us plenty of reasons but Top 4 are mentioned below

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    Simple and intuitive design makes it easy to use

  • 2


    Highly secure PCI-DSS servers used to keep your card information safe

  • 3


    Makes bill payment and settlement with friends a unique experience

  • 4


    Quick processing with minimum information to complete any task


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Questions in your mind ?

  • How to pay a bill?

    Click on ‘Pay your Bill’ option on Home screen. To select a merchant, please enter merchants name, mobile number or merchant id. You can also select from options coming below as suggestions. Once selected, you need to enter the amount to pay and choose any one the payment options viz Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, Citrus to pay your bill.

  • What all payment options are available?

    You can choose any one of the following payment options - Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, Citrus to make the payment

  • How is cashback amount calculated?

    Cashbackis given as percentage of bill paid and depends on 2 factors 1) Whether you are a silver, gold or platinum customer 2) Whether you are making payment during Happy Hours or not. Please note that these factors work differently for each merchant so please check merchant’s page in Offers section for details.

  • How do I get to know how much cashback I will get?

    While making a payment, first time you will be notified about cashback % once you enter the bill amount. We will again notify youwhen you receive payment confirmation SMS from us.

  • What is Silver, Gold & Platinum customer?

    These are different levels of cashback % you get once you make payment. You upgrade from silver to gold and then to platinum depending on the amount of spend you have done at the merchant. Please check merchant’s page in Offers section for details.

  • In how much time do I get my cashback?

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  • Do I need to tell my bank account details?

    Yes we will be able to transfer money to you only when we know your bank account details which include Name of Account Holder, Account Number, Bank Name and IFSC Code.

  • What if my account details are incorrect?

    It is completely your responsibility to make sure that bank details are correct. In case they are incorrect and we transfer the money to incorrect account then we will not be able to refund the same.

  • With whom can I split my bills?

    You can split your bill with any person whose phone number you have in your contacts list

  • Do you send automatic reminders to my friends who owe me money?

    Yes we do send automatic reminders every week as a default setting

  • How can I see all my transaction details?

    You can go to ‘History’ section in the left hand menu to check the details

  • How can I see my outstanding with all my friends?

    Go to ‘Settle with friends’ section available on Home screen and search for your friend in the list by name

  • Is ScrewCash available for iOS and Windows mobile phones apart from Android?

    Currently ScrewCash is only available on Android but we are already working on the iOS and Windows version

  • How can I make payment to anyone?

    Once you are in ‘Settle with Friends’ section, choose ‘Settle Now’ mentioned in front of your friend’s name to make the payment

  • How do I split the bill with friends?

    Go to ‘Split Bill’ option available on Home screen. You need to 1) select all friends with whom you want to split 2) amount to split 3) who paid the bill and 4) how to split whether equally, unequally or % wise

  • Who can initiate bill split request?

    Any person who was part of the bill can initiate the request, doesn’t matter if he/she is the one who paid it actually or not. But somebody who was not part of the bill cannot initiate such request.

  • My friends have added me in a bill split request by mistake. What to do now?

    You can choose option ‘delete the bill’ available on bill details page and you will no longer be part of it

  • My friend has deleted the bill by mistake. Can I add him back to the same bill?

    Yes you can ‘undelete the bill’ once you receive notification that other person has deleted the bill

  • Can we decide the ratio in which to split the bill?

    Yes you can split the bill in any ration or % you want

  • How do my friends get to know about split bill request in case they are not using ScrewCash app?

    You can generate this request irrespective of the fact other members are using ScrewCash app or not. We will notify them via SMS which will have link to download the app. Once they join in, all bill split requests will automatically reflect in their account

  • What if someone changes my bank account details?

    For changing the bank account details, person needs to know the email password which you entered while logging in the app for security. Also, even if someone changes any of the account settings, you will be notified via e-mail about the same.

  • How to upgrade from Silver to Gold customer and then from Gold to Platinum customer?

    You can upgrade from one level to another depending on amount of money you have spent with that particular merchant. Please check merchant’s page in Offers section for details.

  • How to earn more Gold badges?

    Everytime you refer a friend via facebook, whatsapp or sms, we send a customized link in the message. In case your friend follows the link, fills the details and installs the app then we will reward both you and your friend with the gold badge at any one of the selected merchants.

  • What if more than 2 people refer the same person and he/she joins the app?

    Person can fill the details in customized link only once, so it won’t matter how many people have referred that person. Maximum one person will get the gold badge as a reference reward.

  • What is the security level for storing card details?

    Card details are stored in PCI-DSS compliant servers for highest level of security

  • How will merchant get to know that I have done the payment?

    Merchant will receive a SMS confirmation when you make a successful transaction

  • Do you share my information with the merchant?

    Only your first name and email-id is shared with merchant in SMS

  • What if merchant refuses to accept payment from ScrewCash?

    Request you to please write to us at contactus@screwcash.com and we will take necessary action

  • Do I get to enjoy benefits like reward points already associated with credit/debit card?

    Yes. ScrewCash benefits are over and above the benefits you already enjoy with your credit/debit card. But please note that such cashback offers/rewards are handled by credit/debit card companies themselves and ScrewCash has no role in processing those requests

  • Do I get to enjoy cashback offers/rewards from e-wallets like Citrus?

    Yes. ScrewCash benefits are over and above the benefits you already enjoy with your wallet company. But please note that such cashback offers/rewards are handled by wallet companies themselves and ScrewCash has no role in processing those requests

  • What if I do not tell my bank account details?

    In case you do not tell bank account details within 15 days of payment then we will not be able to process cashback request. We will transfer the same to the merchant with whom you made the payment.

  • What is the validity once I am upgraded to silver, gold or platinum customer?

    Validity is for 30 days. In case you do not meet minimum criteria of spend within 30 days, then we will downgrade you to next level.

  • What is the validity of gold badge earned vis referral or at the time of joining the app?

    Once you earn a gold badge then you have to select the merchant within 15 days otherwise your gold badge will expire.

  • What if I am not able to find the merchant?

    Please use ‘Contact Us’ feature available on Left side top button or write to us on support@screwcash.com and we will resolve your issue.

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